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DIVER Analytics is a suite of powerful analytical and visualization tools serving Credit Analysts, Portfolio Managers and Risk Managers.

Access over 250 datasets from more than 50 sources, generate detailed credit analysis by geography or CUSIP for your holdings and compare against indices or benchmarks. Ideal for credit analysis that serves as an alternative to Ratings.

  • Features
  • Benefits & Efficiencies

Heat Map Data and Portfolios Data Visualization

  • Heat map of more than 250 Datasets Against Your Portfolio Exposures
  • All Active Issuers (over 54,000) Geo-Located
  • Compare Portfolios to Barclays and S&P Municipal Indices or Your Own Benchmark

Access & Export DIVER Analytics Datasets

  • Access and Export Data on all States and Counties
  • Conduct Side by Side Comparison of States and Counties
  • Review, Sort and Compare All Locations Where You have Exposure Based on Portfolio Positions

Comparative Analytics

  • Review Weighted Average Measures – a New and Unique Credit Metric – for Your Portfolios
  • Comparative Analytics of Key Drivers and Risk Concentrations Against Peers and Benchmarks
  • Identify Risks and Shape Portfolios
  • Identify Risk Concentrations

Filter Analytics

  • Filter on User-Defined Criteria to Pinpoint Locations, Issuers or Positions for Risk or Opportunity
  • Shape Portfolios by Identifying Positions with Adverse Characteristics and Geographies with Favorable Economic/Demographic Conditions

Search by State, County or CUSIP

  • Search by State, County or CUSIP to identify:
    • All Available Data within a Geography
    • Portfolio Positions within a Given Geography
  • Conduct In-Depth Research and Assess Locations and Positions to Make Timely Decisions

Highlight and Manage Risks within Your Portfolios

  • Identify and Track Key Drivers of Municipal Revenues and Expenditures
  • Comparative Analytics of Key Drivers Between Your Portfolio and Indices or Peer Group
  • Pinpoint Issuers and Positions of Concern or Interest
  • Shape Portfolios You Manage

Enhance Credit Research Capabilities

  • Heat Map Data with or without Portfolio Concentrations
  • State or County Data Drill Down and Export
  • Timely Assessment of Data and How it can Impact Holdings

Save Time and Money

  • Eliminate Time-Consuming Data-Mining and Preparation
  • Rule 15c2-12 and Voluntary Disclosure Management

Address the Concerns of Constituents by Demonstrating Robust, Holistic Approach

  • Custom Reporting and Data/Portfolio Export to Excel

Enhance Board and Client Presentations

  • Add Powerful Graphics, Robust Datasets and Comparative Analysis on Your Holdings or Exposures